Felony Defense

A felony crime is an extremely serious matter. These crimes are defined by statute in every state and at the federal level as matters that deserve significant punishment. In most cases, felony sentencing includes prison time for at least a couple of years if not longer as well as significant monetary penalties as well. The minimum felony sentencing on average is about 2 to 5 years at the state level and 1 to 5 years at the federal level. However, many courts often close case sentencing with as much as 10 years or more due to a person’s background and previous contacts with the justice system.

Felonies can range from murders to drug crimes to grand theft to white collar crime. Depending on the type of felony and details, the case issues can often dictate what type of prison a person will be placed in upon conviction and sentencing as well. This can range from work camps to full blown high security prisons with extreme restrictions and long sentences being served.

Felony cases also frequently require lots of research and legal work, so time of the essence. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors make a point to build large case arguments on felonies to win them. They also tend to stack felonies together to increase the chance of winning a case, so it’s rare to be charged with just one felony when it occurs. Again, a significant amount of legal work and research is needed by the defense to reconstruct the investigation and find where rights have been violated in due process or if mistakes have been made bringing a case forward.

If you or someone you care about is suddenly facing felony charges or is under investigation for an issue that could turn into a felony case in the Maricopa County region, don’t wait for the court hearing dates. Call the offices of the Arizona Legal Practice Group immediately. The sooner they can get involved in your case, the better they can develop a solid defense and representation in the justice process. It also provides more time to work out issues behind the scenes for a potentially lower charge or lesser penalty as well. But time is critical to do all of these things, and that window closes the further into the process one gets. So don’t wait; call us today if facing a felony charge or potential arrest for one.

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