Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

No matter how vigorously your trial attorney represents you in court, juries return guilty verdicts more often they find a defendant not guilty. After you have been convicted and and sentenced, you have the right to appeal to a higher court on the grounds that errors occurred in the lower court proceedings that denied you your right to a fair trial. If you have exhausted your appeals and still not obtained relief, there are post-conviction motions that can be brought as you continue to fight for your freedom.

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At the Arizona Legal Practice Group, our experienced appellate attorneys aggressively and effectively represent clients with felony and misdemeanor Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief proceedings throughout Arizona. Our attorneys defend clients with cases before the Arizona Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Courts, City Courts, and Justice Courts.

No matter what the nature of your criminal offense, we help you with respect and without judgment. We will vigorously continue our fight for your rights and for your freedom through all appellate and post-conviction proceedings.

Grounds for appeal

Appeals from criminal convictions may stem from errors that occurred during pretrial, trial or sentencing proceedings. We must convince the appellate court not only that there was an error, but that the error was not harmless and deprived you of your constitutional right to a fair trial.

With rare exceptions, in order for an error to be brought to the attention of the appellate court, your trial attorney must have objected to it at the time. No new evidence is presented and all evidence on appeal must be found in the trial court transcripts and written motions on file. At our law office, we meticulously review all records and transcripts in depth to discover what errors were made and whether those errors can turn in to viable appellate issues.

Post-conviction relief following the denial of your appeal

In order to win on a motion for post-conviction relief, we must convince the court that the denial of your appeal violated the state or federal constitution by depriving you of your right to a fair trial. For these motions, we can present new evidence not found in the trial records.

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