Estrella Jail

ADDRESS OF THE MARICOPA COUNTY ESTRELLA JAIL: 2939 W. Durango St., Phoenix, Arizona 85003

INFORMATION ABOUT THE JAIL: The Estrella Jail was built in 1991, and is podular/dormitory in design. There are approximately 1,000 inmates housed at the Estrella Jail. Each housing area contains general-purpose day rooms, and bathroom/shower areas. There are outside areas for recreation. The Estrella Jail has a fully staffed and equipped medical clinic, a non-denominational chapel area for religious services, and three education classrooms where inmates can attend educational, drug rehabilitation classes such as ALPHA, or life-skills classes.

The visitation area of Estrella jail is similar to that of the Maricopa County Durango and Towers Jails, in that, friends and family members are allowed to sit at a table with the inmate during the visit. However, there is no touching allowed. In some circumstances, because of the security risk of the inmate, jail visits are conducted in small rooms with wire-mesh separating the inmate from their friend or family member. It is very important not to talk about the facts and circumstances of the case while visiting an inmate at the Maricopa County Estrella Jail because the conversations are not private. Additionally, all phone calls from inmates are recorded and can be used against the inmates by the prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

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