Positive Alternatives Diversion Program

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If you are allowed to participate in the Positive Alternatives Diversion Program, you must contact SAGE Counseling at (602) 357-6959 within 5 business days of signing the diversion program plea agreement to schedule an intake interview and assessment. Have your paperwork with you and ready when you call.

You must attend the intake appointment within 30 days of entering the diversion program plea agreement. Failure to do so will result in your case being sent back to court, and you will be ineligible to participate in the diversion program.

There are many locations available throughout Maricopa County to have your intake interview and assessment. Click here for a map of locations.

$60.00 for the intake interview and assessment
$15.00 to reschedule the intake interview and assessment
$22.00 for each two hour group session (total cost of $220.00 to $440.00)
$25.00 to monitor cases outside of Maricopa County
$15.00 for the exit interview

Additional fees may apply for other services

Cash or money order is accepted. Credit and debit cards are only accepted at the 16th Street location and SAGE’s main office in Mesa located on Alma School. Checks are not accepted.

Keep all receipts for your records, these may be used as evidence in court to prove that you attended.


  • Attending the initial intake interview and assessment. Please note that if you intend to take the classes outside of Maricopa County, you must still do an intake interview with SAGE Counseling.
  • Attend the weekly group counseling sessions. It is critically important that you arrive on time for your group sessions. Please intend to arrive 15 minutes before your group session begins.
  • The number and type of session will be determined at the intake interview. The assignment to group counseling sessions ranges from 10 to 20 two hour sessions.
  • Complete your all counseling sessions and any other services that you are assigned.
  • Pay restitution owed in the underlying case.
  • If for some reason your case is sent back to the court, please ask SAGE for a status report to take to the court hearing.

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