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City of Phoenix Municipal Court

The City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office, in coordination with the City of Phoenix Municipal Court, currently has six diversion programs that are usually offered to first time offenders. Defendant's who have already completed a similar diversion program, have previously been charged or convicted of similar offenses, or have prior felony convictions are generally not offered a diversion program. It is never guaranteed that a defendant will be granted diversion or that they are disqualified from diversion for previous conduct, so the assistance of an attorney is critical when negotiating a resolution of a case through a diversion program.

The diversion programs currently offered are:

Shoplifting/Theft Diversion Program
Positive Alternatives Diversion Program
Underage Drinking and Alcohol Possession Diversion Program
Domestic Violence Diversion Program
Prostitution Diversion Program
Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program

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Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail
Maricopa County Lower Buckeye Jail
Maricopa County Durango Jail
Maricopa County Towers Jail
Maricopa County Estrella Jail

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Phoenix Police Department
Mesa Police Department
Glendale Police Department
Tempe Police Department

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