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An Honest, Caring Attorney – REALLY!!!!

I was involved in an absolute disaster of a case, where I was completely innocent. I am a 40 year old, average guy who had never been in any trouble in my life and was absolutely panicked. I called around to several defense attorneys and hired the first attorney who said he would take my case – Big Mistake! I paid this other, “unnamed” attorney thousands of dollars up front. Once this other attorney received my cash, he refused to return my calls, to provide me with the evidence that I requested for my defense and failed to keep scheduled meetings.
Frustrated and feeling like a fool, I decided to fire my former attorney, do some research, and find a competent attorney. I did my research and found David Kephart – what a Godsend! He provided me with competent legal advice, agreed to handle my case and advised me that my money would be better served getting the entire arrest thrown out, since I cannot have any record whatsoever due to my employment.
David was always available, professional and responsive. He was caring and easy to talk to, which was very important to me, since this case had a lot to do with my wife’s documented mental illness. He provided me all of the evidence that I requested immediately. David represented me at trial and was able to get the charges dismissed. We are now in a position to have the entire arrest thrown out and I look forward to working with David again in that matter.
If you ever find yourself in trouble and need a caring, compassionate advocate, look no further, David Kephart is your guy!

- (5 star review)

If you are ever facing criminal charges – THIS IS THE LAWYER YOU CALL

I had the cops in my home and they used an issue with another party as an excuse to search my property including my medicine cabinet. I was arrested and charged with multiple drug felonies. In a panic I contacted a friend who worked at a prestigious law firm in a non-criminal capacity who said that if he was ever going into criminal court – David Kephart was the lawyer he would want handling his case.

David was amazing to work with and always answered my questions & concerns in a prompt manner and helped put me at ease. Despite the court fighting hard to force me to accept a terrible plea agreement that would have led me to never have a clean record or a chance for employment, David worked tirelessly and went above and beyond to get me a plea offer involving no criminal record, no jail time and the charges being dismissed.

I would HIGHLY recommend David as a criminal lawyer.

- (5 star review)

A hero

When two of my kids needed a lawyer, David proved to be a hero. A year ago, my college-age daughter was charged with giving alcohol to a friend who was a minor. For a future teacher, this is a serious charge which would have kept her from ever receiving certification. David worked something out where her charge was reduced and she took a class.

My son, who has had multiple legal problems due to marijuana use, recently retained David when a public defender was giving him poor advice. David got the more serious of two DUI charges removed and I think my son finally understands that pot-smokers in Arizona will pay a heavy price for their choices.

David usually returns emails and texts promptly. He is generous with advice and his rates are fair and affordable. Be careful of major law firms that ask how much money you possess and then take everything you have. Go to an honest attorney instead. I can’t recommend this attorney enough. He has been a hero to our family.

- (5 star review)

Heavenly Sent- Lawyer of ALL Lawyers

Above all and below none! Mr. David Kephart’s intelligence of the law, and the swag he displays inside the courtroom is simply marvelous! Mr. Kephart litigated for me at a trial on 09/18/2014 where I was facing a Misdemeanor Charge (3 Counts) of Interfering with a Judicial Order/Domestic Violence. I knew in my heart that I did nothing wrong and Mr. Kephart fought aggressively to confirm my innocence. The court room is definitely Mr. Kephart’s stage! Definitely the “Michael Jackson ” of the court room. Mr. Kephart has great morals and values and is not afraid to let it be known as to what they are. This is the attorney you want legally representing you, but don’t be surprised that you feel also as though you met a new best friend. Just a great honest and direct overall “heavenly” sent human being! Thank you again Sir and may God continue to bless you with the skills to help others.

- (5 star review)

The best in the valley. HANDS DOWN

If you have a DUI call Mr. Kephart. I had a complicated extreme DUI case that David did an outstanding job on. He went to court for me when my work schedule did not permit me to be in person at the hearing. He was honest, professional, straightforward, easy to get ahold of and above all affordable. He worked with me from start to finish and made the complicated DUI process in Arizona easy and stress free. I would recomend him to anyone, he is definitely the guy to go to.

- (5 star review)

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